Monday, 16 January 2012


Completely neglected blogspot but for good reason :) One term of Textile Design at Nottingham Trent completed and as of tomorrow I'll be starting my second textile rotation in WEAVE :) It's been very busy but that's the best way...
I was feeling in need of inspiration.

Although these are woven on traditional vertical tapestry looms, the bold block shapes in repeat and use of vibrant colour against neutral backgrounds are what appeal. There must be a way to weave shapes rather than just stripes and checks on a table loom.
My samples that came from my first embroidery rotation consisted mainly of coloured embroidery threads and plastics stitched onto calico and they all look a bit samey on my presentation boards. These bright colours against the dark hues also works well. Very dramatic. Want to completely change the proportions of my colours in these next samples.
These were all created by illustrator and animator Carolina Melis. Pixelation is a key theme in my work at the moment and I think translating my geometric diagramatic drawings more directly into weave will be perfect. The process will pixelate my designs without any extra effort. May be setting myself a bit of a challenge though :)

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