Friday, 27 January 2012

Design Visualisation: The Struggle

After each 3 week workshop in Textiles, we have to select our favourite samples, display them and then visualise them in either a fashion, interior or art context.

We are not designing a product though, we're applying our fabric samples to a garment or a space, which is where I'm getting lost.

My theme is play and I'm 'toying' with areas of fantasy and child-like behaviour in terms of my concept:

- Creating a surreal environment -  fill a room with block shapes, changing the space so its unexpected - fairy tale, futuristic.

Obliteration Room by Yayoi Kusama at Queenland Gallery of Modern Art, Austrailia. This initally started out as a completely white room in the exhibition and then children we allowed a stuicker to put whereever they wanted in the room. After time this was the effect. I like the way the the 3D space is suddenly really hard to distinguish..almost like its been flattened. Surreal. Interactive.
- Creating shapes on the body (jewellery or garment) that loosely relate with figures from fairy tales - woodland creatures, half'human qualities, red indians, tim walker characters, or simply over-sizing almost like a child dressing up in her mother's clothes. Imagining.

Eglingham Children on Beach - Tim Walker. Love the Nisser Hat.

- Mixing the old and new. My whole project was initially inspired by the Post Mod exhibition at the V&A and having learnt more about it in DVC, I've learnt that play is what this era is now about. Mixing high culture and low culture, good and bad taste...

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